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Portfolio Management
Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is critical to the success of each client portfolio and impacts performance.  We will sacrifice potential gains to reduce portfolio risk and maintain our clients' comfort levels.


Average equity exposure is typically between 60 and 80 percent of portfolio assets.  Most portfolios emphasize equities, but we do manage fixed income accounts and portfolios with limited equity exposure.  Similarly, we also manage nearly 100 percent equity accounts that have only a small or no fixed income component.


Accounts are held at 3rd party custodians (typically large discount brokerages, e.g. Charles Schwab & Company).  Clients have access to account balances and performance at any time.  Capital gain and loss schedules are available to assist in tax preparation as appropriate.

Privacy Policy

We value a comfortable, secure relationship with our clients.  We are available for confidential discussions and evaluations of investment strategy, policy, and other matters.


All nonpublic personal information about clients is kept confidential.  Personal information is released only to regulators or in response to specific client requests.

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